Data communications lines and current loops are the life blood of highly integrated systems and networks, which are susceptible to failure from even low-level transient activity, are often exposed to high-level transients such as lightning. Protecting these circuits is another key element of the Optimal Protection Network.


Multistage Hybrid Design

Data Rates to 100Mbps

Low Impedance/Insertion Loss

Terminal, Coax and Hardwired

Lowest Let-Through Voltage Levels



 Data Product Specification Sheets




GB-PoE-DIN Series Wired Surge Protective Device

  • Designed for use with data, single and PoE/Ethernet circuits 

  • RJ45 modular connectors

  • ANSI/UL 497B Listed

  • 10 Year Limited Warranty


Applications:  Network cables, small printers requiring PoE,

internal security cameras (PTZ), VOIP phone systems, PoE

LED lighting and industrial process controls.