It has been a tough year for the Team here at SSI.  Having lost two close friends and cornerstone members, Tim Key and most recently Don Parker.  While our hearts are saddened for the losses their families and their SSI family has endured, we will press on.  We will memorialize them is our thoughts often and keep their drive and dedication in mind indefinitely; as these folks were a major part in forming what we are today.  As typically happens in business when people move on for whatever reason it opens opportunity for others to grow and stretch their capability and capacity.  We are seeing that happen now.  Tim and Don would be proud of those who followed them as they were trained and mentored by these fine teachers for many years to prepare them for the challenges ahead.  The SSI Team remains strong, capable and ready. 

God Bless Tim and Don, we will remain in thought and Prayer for their families.  SSI Team, press on, do great things and look up to see these friends who have moved on.