Some customers and vendors have asked about our status to do with the COVID-19 pandemic. I am proud to say that the Team at SSI is as strong as ever. While we are taking all the universal precautions based on the guidance by the CDC as well as other medical inputs, we are still open for business! Some of our folks are working remote to limit interaction and to reduce the opportunity to introduce the virus into the facility and to the Production Team which cannot be remote for obvious reasons.

In response to the outbreak we have secured additional inventory levels as well as resources for manufacturing. Our lead times for most products are less than a week and of course special order items are based on special part availability, but overall we have not seen any change at this point.

We appreciate those who are still bringing us business and using our products. The one thing we can do as a country is to continue to engage in business as normally as possible to try to keep our economy from suffering any more than it will with the issues at hand. We will strive to continue to exceed expectations for delivery, quality and of course, performance. You can count on the SSI Team to come through as we always have.

Everyone please stay safe and together we will get through this, rebound and excel.




Rich Hotchkiss,
President, Surge Suppression LLC