Water & Waste Water Treatment Facilities 

Water and wastewater organizations of any municipality have a major investment in facilities and equipment.  The repair and replacement of electric/electronic equipment is a major consumer of annual budget dollars.  Digital and electronic systems used in water treatment facilities are particularly susceptible to damage from surges (transients).  Water treatment plants require a substantial investment in capital expenditures with electric and electronic equipment being a major source of many of these expenditures.  Because these systems are so dependent on computer control systems, they are highly susceptible to surges/transients which can cause both immediate and latent damage.  SSI understands that with municipal water facilities, downtime is not an option.  

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SSI offers a complete line of surge protective device solutions to protect this sensitive and expensive equipment.  Primary "hot spots" include:

  • Pumps & Motors
  • Lift/Pump Stations
  • Aerators
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • UPS Systems
  • Automated Transfer Switches
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Laboratory Equipment,
  • SCADA Systems
  • Ultra Violet Banks
  • Control Panels
  • Blowers
  • Flow Meters
  • Water Tanks/Level Controls
  • Security Systems
  • Medium Voltage Equipment

The intelligent application of surge suppression products will result in less downtime, less maintenance, improved equipment performance and lower operating costs.

"I looked for a long time to find a TVSS product [surge protector] to help us protect our equipment and cut down on call outs during storms.  We tried a lot of different surge equipment, but they just did not work - or every time we had a storm we had to replace them.  These companies did not stand behind their performance claims or warranties.  

Your TVSS products have more than paid for themselves many times over in reduced equipment loss and labor call outs!  Your full replacement warranty service had been problem free.  We have never had any argument over replacement of any units that were damaged by surges or even lightning.

We installed your surge suppression products on electrical panels, Motor Control Centers, 4-20 mA circuits, electronic controls, security systems, video cameras, security gates, entrance barriers, lift stations, pumps, soft starts, data lines and telephone lines.  In all cases, we have stopped or greatly reduced damage to our systems that have been caused by surges and transient voltages.  Looking back over the  years since we have first started using your TVSS products, I estimate that we have reduced instrumentation repair and replacements costs by 85-90%, motor replacement by 20% and reduced maintenance labor call outs by 50%.  This is significant by any standard!"

-Assistant General Manager, Engineering and Maintenance
The Birmingham Water Works Board