Residential and Light Commercial Surge Protector


Designed to safeguard delicate microprocessor based electronics, our surge protective devices prevent your residence, home office or light commercial location from suffering extensive damage, extended downtime and lost revenue. This is critical to your company's well-being, bottom line and future.

Second only to the AdvantageTM Series, This Surge Protective Device offers the protection you need for High-End Residential & Light Commercial Applications.

The RES/RESS series of parallel connected surge protective devices represent the latest in surge protective device design and performance. By blending advanced computer circuit modeling with tried-and-true design principals learned over the past twenty-plus years, the RES/RESS models have the lowest let-through voltage, providing the highest possible protection levels. Component-level thermal fusing combined with patented, internal, circuit board mounted over-current fusing and Voltage Responsive and Frequency Responsive CircuitryTM, gives these products unmatched performance and safety, and makes them the best and most advanced Residential and Light Commercial surge protective devices available today!

When ordered as the RESS (with the Frequency Responsive CircuitryTM option) the Frequency Responsive Circuitry™ extends from L-L and L-N.  The AdvantageTM line offers optional N-G Frequency Responsive CircuitryTM.  When is this important?  When used in a standard 120/240 split phase application at the service entrance, the N-G are bonded, making N-G Frequency Responsive Circuitry™ unnecessary.  When used on a downstream application, the Advantage Series with optional Frequency Responsive CircuitryTM offers an additional level of protection.

                                                                                             Available in all Single and Three Phase configurations including:

                                                      120, 240, 480, 120/240, 120/208, 220/380, 230/400, 240/415, 277/480, 120NN, 240NN, 480NN


                                                                          Standard Features                                                              Optional Features

                                                                          25 Year Free Replacement Warraty                                            Multi-stage, Hybrid Frequency Responsive Circuitry

                                                                          ANSI/UL 1449 Listed                                                                     Form "C" Dry Relay Contacts

                                                                          UL 1283 Listed                                                                                Remote Lights

                                                                          Industry Leading Let-through Voltage Performance                External Audible Alarm, DRC and Surge Counter Available

                                                                          Circuit Encapsulation                                                                     Application Specific Design Modifications

                                                                          Patented Fusing Technology                                                        Frequency Responsive Circuitry                          

                                                                          Voltage Responsive Circuitry

                                                                          Discrete "All Mode" Circuitry

                                                                          Advanced Internal Diagnoistics

                                                                          Component Level Thermal Fusing

                                                                          120 kA Peak Surge Current Per Phase

                                                                          Composite NEMA 4X Enclosure