Protecting Critical Communications and Security while Minimizing Operational Downtime in Avilation Applications


AirportControlTowerbigstock Airport Control Tower 6485835"Until this past year, summer storms have caused immeasurable electrical casualties to the installed equipment maintained by our company due to lightning strikes.  Since installing the Surge Suppression Incorporated units at the end of 2010, [we have] experienced a dramatically increased system up time, only experiencing on suppressor failure and zero installed equipment failure due to lightning strikes."  
-Assistant Site Manager of Ground Support Equipment Maintenance
Provider at Orlando International Airport. 
There are few places that include as many critical operations as an airport.  From automated check-in, flight information display systems, TSA screening equipment, runway lighting, air traffic control systems, air conditioning systems, people movers to internal and security lighting, all must work effectively to transport tens of millions of travelers in a safe and efficient manner.  Since the failure of any of these electrical systems can cause expensive delays and safety concerns, airports can experience substantial savings in reduced maintenance costs, delays and litigation expenses.                                                                                                                                           Maintenance costs reduced by 80%

                                                    Cost Per Jetway                     Total Cost

Before SSI Protection            $15,000.00                        $1,455,000.00

After SSI Protection               $3,000.00                          $291,000.00

Yearly Cost Savings                                                         $1,164,000.00

                     *Documented maintenance cost reduction of 97 jetways at a major international airport in Florida

The need for quality electrical system surge protection exists for every sector of an airport's air side and landslide applications and operations. SSI's Optimal Protection Network™ safeguards against damage and even more costly downtime, as well as lost productivity.  Protecting vital systems is not only prudent, but provides a significant cost and operational advantage.

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