Surge Suppression Incorporated's Products

Surge Suppression Incorporated is proud to offer the most complete and capable line of high quality, ISO 9001 manufactured Surge Protective Devices (SPD's) for Industrial, Commercial and Department of Defense applications, covering the full range of applications for AC/DC power, data, current loop, and telecommunications. From .5 volts (DC) to 7200 volts (AC) applications, we cover any surge suppression need.

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Our quarter century of hands-on, real-world field experience is integrated into the simplistic, highly functional, and user-friendly design of all our products making our models the finest, best performing Surge Suppression products available anywhere in the world today:

Because a Surge Protective Device is only as good as its durability, let-through voltage capability and user friendly functionality, our engineers concentrate on the simplest, but most critical, features to separate our products from all others. With our focus on durability, performance, size and safety, our devices include:

Voltage Responsive Circuitry

Standard on all models, our multi-level hybrid network design mitigates repetitive high-energy impulse transients generated by lightning, power system faults and load switching. Combined with our patented internal, over-current fusing techniques and component level thermal fusing, our Surge Protective Devices are one of the safest devices available today.

Frequency Responsive Circuitry

Protecting critical electronics and microprocessors requires the most advanced and capable suppression circuit available - The Frequency Responsive Circuitry design. "Employing multi-stage hybrid technology, this circuit blends the high energy handling capability of the Voltage Responsive Circuitry with advanced "sinewave tracking" performance to suppress internally generated ringwave transients to harmless levels, while also handling thousands of repetitive high energy impulse surges. Our design provides a level of durability and performance that is unmatched, making our devices the absolute best suppression circuit available today.

Circuit Encapsulation

Used widely in high-end, milspec, industrial and commercial applications, our devices utilize high dielectric circuit encapsulation to enhance the let-through voltage performance while reducing the size of the unit and maintaining durability.

Discrete "All Mode" Protection Advantage

We are the only manufacturer of surge protection devices to offer a complete line of products featuring Discrete "All Mode" Protection* (10 modes for 3 phase, 4 wire Wye and Delta circuits), providing critical performance advantages and benefits over commonly-marketed "Reduced Mode" (7 or 4 modes) devices, including:

  • Increased Surge Current Sharing
  • Increased Operational Life
  • Lower Component Stress
  • Improved Durability
  • Bonding All Modes to the Same Potential
  • Improved Let-through Voltage